Ambur Guidottiambur

From Yardley, PA, Ambur has spent many years developing her musical abilities and knowledge. With over ten years of choir member and section leader experience, Ambur has spent the last better half of her life singing. She is classically trained, but has also participated as a vocalist for the Bucks County Community College Jazz Orchestra. In school, she was given the opportunity for countless solos and received two scholarships from the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County. She spent time in middle and high school participating in Honors Choir, BCMEA, and All Catholic Choir, all of which she was awarded second chair soprano. She also spent summers at Westminster Choir College‚Äôs Vocal Institute. She has studied under Rochelle Reed, of BCCC, and Julie Bishop of Temple University. She is currently a vocal instructor and general manager at R&M Music Studios, where her students excel and participate in the same opportunities she was so lucky to have. She enjoys helping her kids through the audition process, and is a crying audience member of every performance. Ambur works side by side with Owner Barbara Carlin to organize ensemble groups, recitals, and everything else the shop needs to run. She regards her teaching experiences as the most valuable and rewarding opportunity she’s had to date.


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